Investment Criteria

EPC seeks investments whereby we can be active participants in working with company management to build robust organizations capable of performing to their full potential. We focus on both majority and minority investments and can assist with recapitalizations.


EPC works closely with the senior executive team to help prepare their business for the next stage of growth. We provide insights into markets that can help position the company for success. In most cases we would serve as a board member to contribute to the overall corporate strategy whereby we feel we can add significant value.

Value Creation

As a successful entrepreneur and operator of several businesses our founder, Todd Timbrook, understands the challenges small business owners face today. We work closely with management to develop a strategic plan post-investment and identify areas to improve the company. We have connections with industry leaders, consultants, analysts, and other sophisticated investors with whom we can leverage their expertise. Value creation starts with a clear strategy from day one whereby a roadmap to success is created. Key priorities are outlined and a plan is designed with the CEO to accelerate the growth and strengthen the company’s position in the market.

Consulting Services

Simply said EPC partners with management teams to build a great company. Having “been there before” we understand the day-to-day responsibilities that each owner faces. Oftentimes you can get caught up in the minutia and miss the bigger picture in setting short and long-term goals. EPC has many years experience evaluating business opportunities and formulating plans to take advantage of market dynamics. Developing a plan to identify and act on acquisition targets as well as building upon company leadership talent are just a few key areas in which we can provide guidance.